Ghost Town

Last week in class Professor Kearns went over a city builder generator. This is one that I have downloaded in the past and played around with for quite some time. Its a 3DSmaxScript.Takes quite a bit of time to play with to understand what is going on. I ended up discovering this over break and still didn’t have enough time to fully understand the controls and make scenes like you see in the video, its a lot more complicated than it looks.

To get to the blog page for GhostTown to download the script go here. It obviously is a fun way to create cities relatively quickly. The problem of course being it is some generic boring architecture that has no purpose and is completely rational (and irrational). I read a couple posts awhile back about some kids getting the geometry into another program and adding some physics to it all and then being able to blow up the buildings and use them as game scenes (similar to what Kearns talked about). Seems like that would be a ton of fun; I always used to love building the SimCity empires, just to then destroy them later.


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