Assignment 2: Loop Function

For assignment 2 I decided to modify and learn more from one of my earlier attempts at using Processing and the Loop example, though my base program was borrowed slightly from the Setupdraw example. I wanted to combine the loop function and my attempts at playing with geometry into one program that could change and move as the program ran through the code. I wanted to make it also shift in shades and color, the color part I am still working on, so that each line would blend into the other and make a loop. Part of the challenge for me as well is I didn’t want to use the actual geometry commands and wanted to create each shape using lines as they slowly morphed from one to another. The final product and series can be seen in the slide show below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once I create the class and modify the program slightly I hope to be able to change the speed, layout, and color of the points allowing it to be more engaging and give the user some control over it. In some ways like a kaleidoscope that can be changed by a click of the mouse, though I am still working on that part.


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