Assignment 1: Fun with Processing

As part of Assignment 1 I also experimented with playing with the base SetupDraw example that we were given as a starting point. I went in wanting to create a shape, or set of shapes, that would change and could move across the screen as the program ran. I played with a few different shapes till I settled on the triangle as my base shape. I choose it due to the type of sideways motion I was looking for, the number of points, and the degrees of variation I could put into it. After deciding the shape I wanted to use I went about creating the variable points I would need to make it move and reset itself. I did this in a bulky way, as can be seen in the image, by copying the base programing language again and forcing it to repeat it in different points. From there I added the”if” clauses that allowed it to repeat endless and create the different triangles as it moves across the screen. The final result and coding can be seen in the image below:

I did this before learning about classes and am thinking about applying a class or other function to it, that might help to make it less bulky. If anyone has any ideas, additions, or comments about what the next step of this should be please feel free to leave them.


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