Processing Exercise 1: Loop

This blog post focuses on the processing example of Loop. The program is setup in a small black box with a single white line that scrolls up across the box then restarts at the bottom once it reaches the top. The program then loops endless till the program is closed and the base program looks like this:

As with animator you have the potential to change the total size of the void/space that the program creates as well as the background, but for the purposes of this experiment I didn’t make any permanent change to them as I found them to work fine. I instead focused on the lines, making new ones, playing with their speed, and if I could get them to go in the opposite direction. To add a new line to the program is easy, as it requires you adding another float variable at a different hieght in the program and a create line function in the drawing part, making it move is the harder part. Here is all it takes to add a line to the program:

Once a new line has been drawn in the program and appears in the box, using the steps above, it will not move and you have to add a new line of programming allowing it to move. This takes adding another aspect to the code which makes the line move up by 1 increment every tick of the program. This function looks like (variable) = (variable) – 1, the reason for the negative is that the bottom of the program is actually the largest point so by subtracting it goes up. You then make the variable equal to the height so that the transition through space now actually shows up in the program. This new line of coding looks like this:

I then went on to add a series of lines that started at each point minus 50 from the last so at 200, 150, 100, 50, and 0 all had a float point to them. I then added lines and played with the speed of the line as it goes across the line by messing with the (variable) = (variable) – 1, changing the one to +1, +2, -2, and -3 though only the negative ones repeat continuously. Still unsure why that was and looking into it, but if people have ideas about it please comment. Here is what my final program looked like:

I still am looking on making the lines continually go in the opposite direction and would be thankful for any help, I was also looking at changing the thickness of the lines if anyone has any ideas on that. Again if you have questions, thoughts or comments they are very much appreciated.


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