Processing Exercise 1: Animator

As part of one of the first assignments of ARCH 430 we were asked to explore and play with a program called Processing, if you would like to get the program or see what it is about click here. We were asked to look into the existing examples that come with the program and see what changes and elements we can modify in some of these programs. I am exploring and modifying an existing program none of the base programs are my own design and were created by someone else in processing, though I will be documenting the changes I made and the base program making it easy to see what changes do what. Due to the fact that each program in processing is large and has many changes that I played with each of the examples I play with will be getting there own post to make it easier to look through them. This post focuses on the example program, animator, whose base programing and run window looks like this:


The program works by creating a line that follows the cursor when you click in the gray box. The line continually repeats the path that was drawn by the user every second from the time the first animation is drawn. The first thing that I wanted to do when the program opened was to increase the total space that I could work in. So I went into the program and changed the total void space hieght of the program from 200 to 640, increasing the total animation space. Below is an image of the change:


After I increased the size I looked at changing the background color to something other then gray, to make the black lines stand out more. For that I went in and changed the background variable to 255, to make the background white.


I also found with the increased area the size of the line was a bit big and rough, so I experimented with its size trying to make it finer and smaller, while still looking good. I played with a range of different numbers, both increasing its value from 12 and lowering it till I settled on a value of 9, which looked pretty good.


The last change I did to the program, that didn’t break it, was to change and play with the time between the delay of it repeating the cycle. It starts at 1 second (30 millis) and I move it up and down to see what a half second change was like, one and half delay was, and a 2 second delay was like. Till I finally settled on one and this is what may final animator program looked like:


There was one more thing I tried to do and that was how to add a change in the lines color so each line was a different color or was more of a gradient change over time. If people want to explore and experiment with that I would be very thankful for the help of what would allow me to do that or is it even possible to do? Also if you have any suggestions or questions about the changes feel free to comment and I will attempt to answer them as best as I can.


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