Letters in processing-exercise 1

The goal of this exercise was to familiarize myself with the Processing program by adjusting different values one of the example files and seeing what the result was.  I worked with the typography example called letters, and was able to successfully introduce a new font type, as well manipulate the size and color of the letters. By far the easy part of this exercise was introducing a new font type. This is done by using the create font tool to generate the font top from your computer’s existing font types and then loading it into the file by typing in the name of the font file. The cool thing about this feature is that it doesn’t have any issues with custom fonts, which is what I used.

The manipulation of the size and color of the letter was accomplished simply by changing values. The yellow letters were switched by changing which letters were specified in a particular code line, adding more instances of that code to add more yellow letters.

I also attempted to change which numbers are shown, however when you increase the value of the first number so that the sequence goes higher then 9 you end up with spaces and ; symbols. As far as I could tell the count used isn’t a straight numerical count. My guess was that it was tied to a standard keyboard number sequence, which is why it couldn’t do double digits.


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