Assignment 2 – For Loop

For the second assignment I experimented with different drawings using lines and “for loops”.  In this first drawing I used two different variables. I used “i” for the y-value of spacing at the start of the lines, and used “j” for the y-value spacing at the end of the lines.  I thought that this would turn out differently then it did.  I thought that there would be fewer lines then what was produced.  This reminds me of grasshopper in rhino.  In some definitions, depending on if you pick the short reference, long reference, or cross reference to the definition, different things happen to the outcome.

For my second and third trial I tried to simplify my idea but to better control the outcome.  I wanted to do simple designs using multiple “for loops” but only one variable. Both of these trials were successful and came out as I was expecting.  My next step would be to experiment with more “for loops” containing multiple variables.


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