Assignment 1_Intro to Processing

This is my first time experimenting with scripting. The first example I edited was Embedded Iteration, something simple and static. I changed the size of the window and the color of the boxes first. Then, I changed the factor by which the boxes decrease in size so that they would fill up the whole screen.

The second example I edited was Puff. This script was more complicated because it included algorithms which defined movement on the screen, so I went through changing numbers to see what kind of effects it would have on the application. The first thing I changed was the speed that the initial puff head moved in the x and y directions. Next, I changed the cell size of the other ellipses (puff body). This made the object appear more dense. I enlarged the size of the window to accommodate the increased size of the object. My next move was to change where the object would first appear on the screen. The original script designated the center of the window and I moved it to the top. Since I was generally making everything bigger, I tried to make my changes proportionate to the original example. Lastly, I increased the size of the arrays so that the object would move further distances and move across the screen quicker. Overall, the scale and speed ratio turned out to be more jittery than the original, which might have something to do with the algorithms at the bottom of the script. It looks like something moving through a strobe light rather than moving fluidly through space on the screen.



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