Assignment 1 – Curtain Sketch

For assignment one I chose to modify an awesome sketch one of my friends showed me from The original page for this sketch (created by BlueThen) can be found here. The code is extremely well documented with notes about what everything does. The original sketch presented is a curtain that is pulled down by gravity and gets pulled by clicks of the mouse, ultimately ripping (if pulled hard enough).

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The sketch is a ton of fun and beautifully made to resemble gravity and ripping. The code itself is split up into a couple of different tabs, which corresponds to tabs in the sketch. After finally getting the tabs set up correctly and adding a missing font, I was able to get the sketch file working. Because the sketch was so well documented, it was extremely easy to manipulate things:

Code with clear annotation of what to change for each part of the sketch

Making a curtain the full height so it doesn't dangle and rests on the ground

Modifying some of the ‘resting distance’ and ‘stiffness’ settings provide some of the most fun. In some cases though, if pushed to the extreme the whole curtain breaks immediately and shatters into tiny particles. The particles have a strange relation to each other though as picking up one will affect the others around it still.

Shattered curtain

The other parts I liked playing around with were the ‘gravity strength’, ‘mouse influence size’, and ‘mouse tear size’. For example doubling the gravity causes the curtain to pull and stretch really far without any interaction from the user (because of the start value of the curtain).

Doubling the gravity

I found that because of the complicated script, for me and my complete confusion still with the processing language, it was near impossible to modify anything that wasn’t clearly labeled. Still fun nonetheless.


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