Assignment 1.2_Drawing

The experience trying to draw something from cero it wasn’t as easy at it seemed.

I think my main trouble has been with the punctuation marks to execute the statements and the order of the statements.

Probably have to get more used to the idea of declaration, definition, use.

Despite the obstacles, I finally made my drawing. I draw 3 ellipses, and I tried to change some parameters in each of them as the fill color, the stroke or the dimensions.

Then I also added some movement to the ellipses taking into account that they are also defined by where they are located.

Here is the result into a series of 5 images.

I’ve added some variable functions that make some parameters depend on others

The two first ellipses have a variable “x” (both varies the same way) and a fix “y”.

The third one, varies the “x” the same as the other two, but it also varies the “y depending on the “x” and the “x” dimension depending on the ”y”.


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