CubeWithinCube_Assignment 1

After downloading Processing and playing with some examples, the one I decided to revise is called Cubes Within Cube.  It has a large outer cube encasing 20 smaller cubes that are connected by black lines.  The larger outer cubes rotates slowly while the inner cubes also rotate but at a faster speed. The inner cubes also move around the interior of the outer cube and bounce off the boundary of the exterior cube.

The first thing I decided to change was the size of the display box along with the cubes on the screen. I found the void setup and increased the size of the display box to 640 by 640. I then increased the float bounds of the exterior cube from 300 to 800.  Then I increased the number of interior cubes from 20 to 75.

The last things that I changed was the color of the background, cubes, and lines connecting cubes.  Lastly, I increased the size of the internal cubes randomly from 5 to 65, and increased the speed that they rotated and moved.


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