bouncy bubbles

After some time exploring the program “Processing”, I made a few edits to two examples I found interesting. Initially I tried to just make simple edits such as the size  or number of the components and then I tried to make a greater impact to the code and get more creative, this was a very hard task to achieve because I do not really understand the language of the code, I took a basic HTML class in high school years ago but that is where my experience ends.

1st example: Reach 2

as you can see in the image above, the original reach 2 example and code. Highlighted are the factors I choose to change…let’s see the results

As you can see several features of the reach have changed, the segment is now doubled in size, the amount of circles within the segment is also doubled and the size of the background area has doubled as well.

2nd example: bouncy bubbles

For this example I tried to push the envelope a little more so, not only editing the number of bouncy balls and the size of the background but I also changed part of the mathematical formula behind the program which I believe controls the movement (direction, frequency, speed) of the bouncy balls.

Original code_bouncy bubbles

Edited Code_bouncy bubbles

From the images it is hard to notice the difference between the two besides the number of balls and size of the background, so I decided to make this video to show the real difference.

Bouncy Bubbles edit from Kareem C on Vimeo.


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