So as everyone makes the mad rush to put up all of their blog posts that they haven’t finished yet (myself included), I felt like being more efficient and just trying to make one big post containing all the resources and neat things that I used or was inspired by this semester.

Digital Toolbox has amazing video tutorials on everything from basic aspects and understanding of grasshopper to complex facade morphs and scripting.  Adding vb, exporting to excell for database and recursive computations, and even learning simple conitional ‘if-then’ statements are all explained really well.  For TJ McLeish’s studio this semester, Digital Toolbox was a near necessity.

A solid introduction:

Aside from Digital Toolbox, Grasshopper itself has a great forum resource that I’ve mentioned here before. They have their own tutorials, downloads, and a big forum section for asking questions.  A lot of problems that I attempted to google solutions for this semester, just led me to these forums to posts of other people asking similar questions.  There are always people responding, helping with files, screenshots and uploading definitions back and forth until the problem is figured out.  Its a great place for a newbie and helped me out a ton.

Lift Architects (Andrew Payne’s firm) has written and developed a 160 page manual and primer to help architects begin learning computational designing with grasshopper.  I just recently found this so I didn’t get a chance to use it this semester but if its as good as Firefly and the other primers that Lift has published, then it is probably a great resource.

It’s available for free here:

LIFT also developed Firefly, which I believe I posted about earlier, connecting arduino contollers to grasshopper.  This also comes with a great component that works perfectly with the data from a Wii Nunchuck.  Being used in the video below:

Thursday, a student (who’s name I have forgotten) presented about using arduino and flash to control a webcam, and I found a neat video of combining a Wii Nunchuck, flash, arduino, and a webcam.  I know I’m blabbing a lot about Wii and Grasshopper, but a lot of my semester has been spent learning all of this new stuff and I’m eager to share.

In another leap, its possible to control an arduino’s out pins wirelessly from a droid phone.  Could lead to some crazy stuff.

CNC Machining from Grasshopper

So although its possible to bake the grasshopper forms into rhino surfaces, breps, nurbs, and etc and then take that and develop a toolpath to take to a cnc machine.  Someone figured out away to generate those curves in grasshopper itself and its quite a neat idea.

Particle Systems in Flash

Earlier in the semester in studio we had discussed particle systems as a way to model human movement or behavior.  Using flash and displaying all of their code for free, Flint Particles has some great examples of the potential of particle system modeling.


On the topic of particle systems, I rememberd this game I had played with for hours long long ago and if anyone feels like figuring out how to make a better and more updated version. PLEASE let me know.

Top 40 arduino projects on the web.

A seriously awesome list of some crazy things being done with arduinos.  Robots to LEDs to Color coded locks, there are some really innovative ways of thinking going on here that just constantly make me jealous of all the things I don’t know how to do yet.

In addition, heres a list oobject put together of some awesome LED sculptures that I’m really liking.

Anyways, thats the semester for me.  Since people are graduating and moving on to bigger and better things, if anyone is curious about stuff I’ve worked on or wants to team up for a project or show off something they’ve done or etc etc, feel free to email me at


Its my non-iit email and will be around for years.  I’m working on the website during my freetime but it isn’t nearly ready yet so I wont post that…

Are we too old for H.A.G.S.?



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