Where do I get Ideas: My Top 5 “design” websites

Well, since the class ends today, I don’t want to leave it without sharing this amazing websites, that always help me when I run out of Ideas. In them you’ll found some of the the weirdest, bizarre and cool things about design. And well some other stuff you probably don’t expect.

1. Toxel (http://www.toxel.com/)

2. Laughing Squid (http://laughingsquid.com/)

3. Mirage Studio 7 (http://blog.miragestudio7.com/)

4. Wild Ammo (http://wildammo.com/)

5. Web Uranist (http://weburbanist.com/)


6. Think Geek (http://www.thinkgeek.com/) – One of my favorite online store

7. Oddee (http://www.oddee.com/) –  Because is good to know about oddities once in a while

8. Listverse (http://listverse.com/) – Because is always good know curious facts about the world that surrounds you

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