Points of Departure

For everyone, its likely you will want/need to use XML
Here are some tutorials for material that we will cover in class


We have already talked about the Google maps jumping off points, which I will reiterate for good measure.

The main jumping off point

The Developer’s guide is key.  Here you will find the flash as3 tutorial, as well as general information about all the key systems.

Once you have the map working you should move on to making markers.  We will at last go over this “successfully” in class today, here is where to jump start the addition of markers

Once you have the basic marker working, you can move onto making a custom marker, which you do by setting the “icon” of a marker as a flash display object (image, movieclip, etc…), information about how to set the marker can be found here

For the  flickr app developers, here is the tutorial we will be going over in class and a great way to get you started.

the overview of the API can be found here

as demonstrated in the tutorial, you can test the setup of your api calls with a the API explorer system provided by flickr.  (Click on one of the api calls in the API reference linked above.)  This is a great way to get going fast.  Conquer the XML parsing first, get your images out, and then move back to the interface for acquiring/manipulating

the Authorization process, which enables the apisig and token values that need to accompany each request, is documented here



this is a little different of an animal, anyone interested in doing an Arduino based project, should talk to me individually.  It is my intention that you focus on the flash component of the project, I will supply you with a working communication system between the Arduino and flash, as well as the working circuitry.  For a sense of the point of departure that is accessible for the class, refer to the Learning section at www.arduino.cc.  If you are interested in having your own “stuff”, visit www.sparkfun.com and get yourself an Arduino Uno .  Next week I will go over the arduino programming, and re-demo the communication system.


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