Networked technology 
FINAL PROJECT – earth_water_fire

a google map app to ‘Aid’ search and rescue efforts in Japan in lieu of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear blasts
base materials needed
Map of Japan with new overlaid grid of 1 mile by 1 mile to be used as reference for the search and rescue efforts
grid to be a subdivision of latitude and longitudegeographic grids
link grid to geographic location information
overlay earthquake timeline for additional info that can act as a encyclopedia in itself that can be elaborated on by other users
recruited search teams go out on field
rescuer to report organization he/she is associated with
state name of searcher and date and time of search
Pick a location/grid block…has it been searched?
if searched move to next block
if not searched then search

Search for people in rubble
document people found
person male or female?
do you know age or name?
person dead or alive?
if person dead take to morgue-state location being taken to
if person alive then report where they will be housed or taken to. report if any serious injuries to person. post all information that can be accumulated about the person
document findings via pictures and videos. upload the documentation with geographic location
create markers that can be clicked on to access information

after searching 1mile block move to next block

mark grid blocks searched (color coded) and findings marked as markers. this can be looked up by other search and rescue teams for reference to look up which areas still need to be searched
report people found to a data collector sheet that people can browse to find family and friends


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