Final Project

As discussed in class last week, the final project is an interactive flash movie which incorporates a  third-party technology, library, or api.

Potential systems include:

  • the Arduino Microcontroller for physical interaction with flash media [this prototype is in my opinion the easiest to get started with, there are many others to look at as well]
  • integrating google maps into your flash file to create an interactive map [great step-by-step tutorial to get you going]
  • creating an interface or experience using flickr [like the google maps api the flickr api is extensively documented by users and examples and libraries readily available]
  • visualize network activity using the FBI’s former packet sniffing technology carnivore [the open source version has startup clients in flash
  • there are a multitude of other possibilities including, facebook, and more, if you can find a working startup example or tutorial you should be good to go.

The goal for the project is to create a working movie file that is a creative reuse and expansion of the starting point available online.  As with the first project, you will be evaluated on substantial completition, creativity/idea, and craft.

It is expected that each week remaining you come to class with progress made and be productive during open workshop time.

The project will be due for public presentation in class on the regularly scheduled final exam meeting time, see university schedule


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