Adaptive Building Skins

I work in this office with the great books around and get to meet all the interesting great engineers and architects that filter in day by day. One particular gentlemen came in for lunch looking to give a lecture at IIT from the new merger of Happold and Hobermann. I do not know of the lecture date or if it will be happening as the request has just been submitted. Either way I was noticing that they have interactive tool , in which you can load animations of mock designs on their website. It is a flash document so definitely relative to our class. I am not sure how they coded it but it is relatively a simple set of images. If I were to try to do this I would render the images and choices and then que them to buttons as we learned in class. Then I would author some animations and load them as playable movie clips. Anyhow definitely a good interactive tool to sell your design ideas.

Adaptive Building Skins


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