Bioengineering on a whole new level

To my relief, I found that it is a mixed-media installation by artist Albert Mora.  I must say, though, I was totally convinced when I first saw the website.  It brings a whole slew of social, moral, and ethical issues to light with regards to genetic manipulation and technology.  What do you all think about this (probably not so far from real) possibility?


3 thoughts on “Bioengineering on a whole new level

  1. I am also relieved to find it is an installation. the bruising around the cords is a nice touch that really makes you question the whole idea. Furthermore, I think it makes you question the “rules” society has for other people and animals.

  2. This is so creepy! I’m so relieved it was only an installation. It’s scary to think that this could be a reality one day. Art, one day, real life, the next!

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