Act/ React Interactive Art

The Milwaukee Art Museum is featuring a new exhibition called “Act/ React Interactive Art” the exhibit will be there only until January and it is really worth the trip to Milwaukee. This is the first extensive exhibition of digitally developed interactive art. The ten installations invite the visitor to move through the space and to experience how your body motions affect the Art. My favorite installation is by Daniel Rozin, the installation captures the visitor’s reflection by rearranging what seem to be static pixels.

One thought on “Act/ React Interactive Art

  1. I went to see the exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum of Art. All except one of the installations that I saw had a projected image where your body movements affected the projections. There is a similar projected image exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry here in Chicago. There was one that had nothing visual but a table placed in the middle of a dark room. By touching the table in different ways, the sounds of people’s voices could be heard. Worth seeing if you are in the neighborhood…..

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