The Legitimacy of Information

There is one issue concerning web2.0 that will continually pose concerns particularly within academic settings.  It has to do with the questionable accuracy of content on the web.  Where any user can edit the site content, issues arise about the legitimacy of the information.  As O’Reilly observes Wikipedia, “is a radical experiment in trust…”

This article (above) discusses changes in education introduced by the new web2.0 technologies.  One topic in the article is the questionable accuracy of data defined by users.  A noted in the article, In the Classical perspective, “knowledge” consists of accurate interrelationships among facts, based on unbiased research that produces compelling evidence about systemic causes.”  The article also poses arguments in defense of web2.0 and its educational potential noting the tremendous advantages that web2.0 instruments can bring to education.   


One thought on “The Legitimacy of Information

  1. (Ok, so I’m commenting to my own post. It’s more of an elaboration than a comment.)

    From Leadbeater’s “we-think”:

    ” …Wikipedia is a good place to start researching a topic, but rarely the final word.”

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