topic: Open Source

For next class period please read the following texts, as noted below “the Cathedral and the Bazaar” is the more ideological text, written by Eric Raymond one of the Open Source movements key propagandists.  This is a must read!  The second text “the political economy of open source” is a draft of a paper that eventually became Steven Weber’s important book, The Success of Open Source, this is probably the most clearly written and relatively comprehensive explanation of how Open Source works and what the key conditions that enable its success are.  The third link We-Think, points to a text and author who takes the idea of open source and applies it to the world at large including design and generally to creativity at large, it is provocative and lays some interesting groundwork for a good conversation to be had in architecture school.  Of all of the reading and discussion components of the semester I consider this to be the significant.  Please take the time to read all of the first, atleast the first part of the second, and surf through the third before class next week.  We will spend the first part of class with a short presenation and larger class discussion of which you should be able to intelligently participate.

  1. the cathedral and the bazaar, Eric Raymond (conceptual, propaganda)
  2. The political economy of open source, Steven Weber (best early academic background)
  3. we-think,Charles Leadbeater (Open source goes main-stream)

These readings should also be great fodder for extended research and heavy blogging!


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