Seeing in more dimensions

These guys propose that there are multiple dimensions in which we percieve our world. they say that the idea of string theory in physics explains everything that may have happened or is going to happen in our world today. they say dont worry if you cant see in ten dimensions our brains are only capable of seeing in three dimensions. Maybe

To add to the physics here are some demonstrations you may or may not have seen in your classes

David Marr would probably disagree with all of these notions due to his theories that he brain really only sees in 2.5 dimensions. The basic premise of this theory can be found here.

and a brief analysis of david marr is here


One thought on “Seeing in more dimensions

  1. The interesting thing about 2.5 dimensions is that while we may only be able to see in 2 or 2.5, we can sense 3 dimensions with other senses besides sight.

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