? Identifiying rhizomes

Considering the key properties D+G identify for qualifying rhizomatic conditons, what are some examples of things or systems, found in our lives or the world around us that act as rhizomes and how would you qualify them as such.


One thought on “? Identifiying rhizomes

  1. Maybe this is going out on a limb, but I would say that navigation patterns fall under the umbrella of a rhizome. If you think about how we navigate this city with its completely inefficient transportation infrastructure, you can begin to put it into terms of a rhizome. If you drive, you may utilize traffic reports or you may have a gps system advising you on alternate routes. You may also take clues from what you can see ahead and revise your intended route accordingly. I often travel from Hyde Park where I live to the far northwest corner of the city. Going via public transportation requires at least four separate transportation links. Numerous options for the links connecting the two points are possible. At times I’ve had to abandon one plan because of a blockage of one sort or another. I’ve also experimented with multiple modes of transport by taking a folding bike on the train. The system as a whole has multiplicity, multiple entry points, and lines of flight.

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